An update to Lightroom on iOS has removed its users’ photos and presets, and they cannot be recovered

The latest update of Adobe Lightroom has removed without notice and without permission all the photos of the users of the application in iOS, that is, the one that can be used both iPhone and iPad. Although both Apple platforms are not yet as widely used by professionals as macOS in photo editing issues, there are users who claim that the bug it has taken away hundreds of photos from your library.

And the problem does not stop there, because the update has also carried out predefined settings (presets) editing of these photos, which although they can be personal creations, can also be paid, which has meant, according to Lauren Lambert, a fashion blogger, losses worth hundreds of dollars.

Adobe has released another update that stops deletion of photos and presets, but it won’t bring back the deleted ones

The problematic version of Lightroom for iOS has been 5.4.0. Upon perceiving the problem, Adobe released version 5.4.1, claiming that it fixes the problems and prevents photos from being deleted. However, they also acknowledge that “installing version 5.4.1 will not restore deleted photos or presets for users affected by the issue introduced in 5.4.0“.

“We know that some users have photos and predefined settings that are not recoverable. We apologize to users who have been affected by this problem,” he said. declared Rikk Flohr, a representative of Adobe.

If you have an Adobe Cloud account, and you synchronized the images with the cloud before updating, the photos are safe

In a release, Adobe claims that only Lightroom users without an Adobe Cloud subscription are affected, but also those users with a subscription that have not yet synced files with the cloud. As a solution outside of what they control, Adobe encourages using the backups that iOS generates automatically. Hopefully the photos and files are there and can be restored.

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Via | The Verge

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