An upcoming meeting between Pique and Shakira … and the goal is a “deal”

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Barcelona captain and player Gerard Pique will meet with his former partner Shakira on Tuesday, as the former international is seeking a deal with the Colombian singer to protect him from her, custody of their two children and the distribution of common goods between di They.

Pique separated from his partner Shakira in June of this year after a 12-year relationship, and then demanded that their privacy and that of their two children, Sasha and Milan, be respected.

And according to the Spanish website “Semana”, released on Monday: Pique will meet Shakira, accompanied by their lawyers, on Tuesday, in an attempt to bring the two sides together and reach an agreement on the custody of their two children and the distribution of the commons they own together.

He continued: The scene has changed recently, particularly after Shakira broke her silence and spoke publicly about her separation, which angered Pique and those around him, especially as they see this as a betrayal of their privacy. and an attempt to get him to accept certain conditions, but he sees the matter differently.

And the Spanish website continued: Pique is approaching Shakira with a different frame of mind, as she tries to preserve the interests of her two children so they don’t fall victim to her bad decisions, and she’s also trying to protect herself from Shakira. , who broke the privacy pact between them and spoke publicly about the split last week, and for the first time since the news broke earlier this year.

According to various sources, the veteran player does not want to live away from his two children, because he wants them to stay with him in Barcelona for at least two years and then join his mother Shakira in Miami, USA, and wants to stay away from getting into a legal dispute. with her ex partner.


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