An unprecedented crisis for food and fuels is for …

After the unprecedented crisis of food and fuel supplies faced by Great Britain, a similar problem is posed in the United States, Sky News reported.

The accumulation of cargo ships in the most developed port complex – near Long Beach, California, shows the real size of the looming crisis in the global supply chain. According to experts, it is unlikely that it will not hit the United States, and its duration will probably last until next summer.

President Joe Biden has already ordered the unloading of ships to go round the clock, thus helping to relieve everyone in the chain. According to the executive director of the port of California, this strategy is a temporary solution, and in the future the food and fuel logistics worldwide needs to be rethought.

Long Beach and the neighboring port of Los Angeles are the two busiest in the United States. For weeks now, container ships – some with 70 at a time – have been forced to wait at anchor at sea.

The post-pandemic jump in trade, combined with labor shortages, has created a lot of stress for logistics centers, which are unable to meet product demand. It is no secret that many of the problems facing the US industry are the same as those seen in the UK and Europe: the shortage of truck drivers and the delays caused by delays are too costly for transport owners.

As the holiday season approaches, both businesses and customers get nervous about the possibility of finding empty store shelves.

Some retailers in the United States are considering renting their own ships so they can land in smaller ports. However, this will make their goods more expensive, and the end consumer will buy at much higher prices.



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