an unpleasant glitch was found in the Xbox Series X too

Since the official start of sales Xbox Series X only four days have passed, and the newly minted owners of the console are already complaining about problems with it. On the Microsoft community forum, users report that the new console shuts down spontaneously shortly after starting the game. Reinstalling the game and resetting the settings does not solve the problem.

Some journalists also faced a problem. For example, an employee at the English-language gaming site GameSpot discovered that the glitch manifested itself in about the first 20 minutes of gameplay. If this happens, you can start the console only by pressing the power button. After that, the game will have to start from the beginning.

It is not yet known what the scale of the spread of the revealed defect is. There is also no information if it is subject to a similar failure Xbox Series Swhich was released at the same time as the Xbox Series X. But it is noteworthy that the bug was discovered almost simultaneously with the appearance of the first complaints to the stability of the Sony PlayStation 5.

Recall that the start of sales of Xbox Series X and Series S took place on November 10 in 40 countries of the world, including Russia. A day after the debut of the consoles, Microsoft named it the most successful Xbox ever. In our country, the recommended retail price for Series X is 45,590 rubles, Series S is estimated at 26,990 rubles. Learn more about Xbox Series X – in our review.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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