An undocumented mother in New York tells the drama she ordeals after becoming separated from her loved ones | Movie | Univision 41 New York WXTV

presenter: thank you for yoursI feltImmigrants keep comingseek asylum in New York.journalist: migrants saythat when they get majorapple commences to are living a furtherOdyssey. mainly because? why thethey are sending to shelters andworkplaces in the Bronx. with outNonetheless, they say they come to feel ittheir lifestyle is in risk and they departcheck with neighbors for supportIglesias.we talked to a householdimmigrants arrived yesterdaythe major Apple. have handednight in church and nowthey will stay in the courtyarda constructing in the Bronx.we never came herewe imagined it would come aboutpass, above allsmall children. we are in the air.I have a 19 yr aged woman, a boy18, my three youngsters and minefrom the hostel, we know nothingof a boy or girlreporter: the esá spouse and childrendesperate for the reason that she isn’t going to have itinformation of 18-calendar year-previous son.he was told he had toapproach it as an grownup.they seek out asylum. without havingeven so, in new york there is ashelter crisis. Mayorare you inquiring Washington Ace?federal cash.we talked to 1local community organization ofzone and tell us what it isto be mayor forsupport in the scenario and therereduce a humanitarian crisis ecomedian.

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