An original story: The Prisoners release documentary on their 2003 album


The gathering period of Los Prisioneros, at the beginning of the century, continues to provide archival material in times of revisionism. The premiere of the first part of the documentary is expected for this day The album, signed by Carmen Luz Parot -who recorded the return concert at the National Stadium-, on the work of the group’s self-titled album from 2003.

This album, available since April on digital platforms, was the last recorded by the trio with guitarist Claudio Narea in their ranks. It was precisely during this process that the breakdown occurred, since the man from “We are having a great time” questioned the compositions of Jorge González, while the latter reproached him for not trying hard enough. I mean, this record would be something like the equivalent of the movie Let it Be of the group.

The small preview clips show fragments of the sessions. The recording of strings for “Canción del trabajo”, a take by Tapia and González for “El otro Extranigo” and some opinions from Narea on “Ultraderecha”, the first single from the album.

The documentary is released in parts between Thursday, July 2 and Sunday, July 5, where it can be viewed in its entirety (lasts 30 minutes) on the YouTube channel, Prisoner Planet. In this the audiovisual files on the trio have been uploaded; as the first rehearsal for the reunion concert, the records of the show at the National Stadium and four cuts from the presentation at the Quinta Vergara in 2002.

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