An original copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $ 114,000


At an auction, a copy of Super Marios Bros sold for $ 114,000.

It is a new copy of the 1985 version of the game. The purchase was made this Friday, July 10 during an auction organized by the American auction house Heritage Auctions. The sale breaks the record for the most expensive video game, according to specialist journalist Chris Kohler. The price is explained by the state of the game sold. It has been rated 9.4 / 10, according to TheVerge. In particular thanks to the packaging which is original and sealed. The cartridge was therefore never used.

The last record dates from last year, with a sale approaching 100,000 €. It was already a Super Marios Bros. game.

The element that makes this edition unique is also its cardboard label. They were used on the American market before the introduction of plastic to seal each set. For a time, the cardboard labels were therefore “wrapped” in plastic wrap, as Mashable points out thanks to the information given by the auction house American. The production of these special boxes would have lasted only a few months at the time, which explains the interest in this edition.

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