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An open letter from the new and leftists in “LEVITSATA!” to Cornelia Ninova – 2024-02-21 15:06:53

/ world today news/ Open letter from the new and leftists in “LEVITSATA!” to Cornelia Ninova – chairman of the BSP


You look for enemies everywhere and explain that “THE LEFT!” “are neither new nor left”. For your information, the majority of people in the coalition are new people who were neither part of the transition, nor of the privatization, nor were they in the SDS or other parties. A large part have never been in the BSP, even though they are left-thinking people, because your party did not win them over. Because she killed people’s hope by showing them that they don’t matter. A good example is the energy policy you are proud of.

You say that the BSP is “the only party that has been “FOR” nuclear energy over the years, regardless of circumstances”, you don’t even say “protected and fought”, but a modest “for” and you know why.
Belene was stopped in 2009 and in this way more than a million Bulgarians who participated in the referendum on the Belene NPP were misled.

We stood by the leaders who led “THE LEFT!”, because we clearly see the need for a strong left in Bulgaria, which opposes the status quo, does not negotiate with it, which opposes the war, does not export weapons to Ukraine, which is strong in itself, and not a five-tier force, which the BSP has become, and for which the blame cannot possibly lie with the “LEFT!”.

Your uncritical attitude towards the coalition of the war: GERB, PP-DB (who inflicted the biggest blows on the Bulgarian energy industry, sold TPP “Maritsa” 1 and 3 and “Neftohim Burgas”) and DPS is disturbing.

The goal of the “LEFT!” is not to “cut votes from the BSP”, as you claim, but to give an opportunity for representation to those nearly 1 million people who over the years, for one reason or another, gave up on the BSP.

We preferred doing left-wing politics, not hollow slogans, and that’s why we are proud to be “THE LEFT!”.

03/22/2023 Sincerely: Part of the new and left in

The city of Sofia LEFT!

Georgi Kostadinov Hadjimargaritov; Valery Borislavov Smilenov; Mladen Dimitrov Vanev; Kostadin Stoyanov Gebreliev; Nora Ancheva Simeonova; Stoyanka Gospodinova Keskinova; Iliya Lazarov Kostadinov; Borislav Georgiev Nikolov; Vasil Dimitrov Hristov; Vladimir Ivanov Mladenov; Ivayla Emilova Lozanova; Veronika Kirova Tsvetkova; Tsvetelina Zhivodarova Todorova; Marinela Georgieva Kamenova; Nevena Nikolova Petkova; Stoyanka Gospodinova Keskinova; Yanka Genkova Kancheva; Daniel Petrov Tolev; Marin Pavlinov Peev; Aneta Ivanova Parvanova; Victoria Todorova Krasteva; Simona Stanislavova Stoyanova-Todorova; Evgeni Milkov Eliseev; Violeta Todorova Ivanova; Simeon Tsvetanov Milanov; Tsvetan Grigorov Ivanov, Nikolay Iliev Angelov; Kostadinka Stoyanova Petrakova-Gencheva; Antonia Todorova Naycheva; Petya Todorova Totkova; Angel Minkov Sirakov; Stoyanka Georgieva Dimitrakieva, Valentina Yordanova Vakarelska; Neli Angelova Bodurova; Karina Krasimirova Mircheva; Violeta Vasileva Nikolova; Ivan Dyankov Pachev; Milen Stefchov Mitkov; Lyuboslav Krassimirov Kirilov; Zdravko Aldomirov Enev; Elena Ilieva Apostolova; Lidiya Vasileva Dancheva; Maria Todorova Manolova; Hristo Todorov Kisov; Petya Ivanova Stoyanova; Zhivko Todorov Todorov; Veselin Dimitrov Dodev; Vanya Todorova Prodanova-Stefanova; Stella Stoyanova Dancheva; Petya Prodanova Golemetsova; Zhenya Ivanova Ivanova-Parusheva; Kuncho Petrov Iliev; Tanya Ganeva Ganeva; Natalia Miroslavova Pehlivanova; Stefan Dinkov Stefanov; Simeon Tsvetanov Milanov; Nikolay Alexandrov Alexandrov; Genoveva Bozhidarova Tsvetkova; Milen Zhelyazkov Mitev; Nikolay Galinov Dinev; Ivomira Shtiliyanova Kefalova; Daniel Atanasov Ivanov; Yuliana Nedyalkova Mruchkova; Simeon Lukanov Baburov; Georgi Stalev Georgiev; Nikolay Todorov Todorov; Kremena Petrova Petrova; Antonii Dimitrov Dyulgerov; Gergana Nedelcheva Georgieva; Milka Ivanova Bodurova; Kamen Dimitrov Seimenliyski; Nedka Stoyanova Abrasheva; Silvia Alexandrova Letskovska; Marijana Ivanova Dimitrova; Kolyo Atanasov Kolev; Angel Dimitrov Dimitrov; Bilyana Evgenieva Baicheva; Radostina Staykova Kaisheva; Iva Dinkova Tamahkyarova; Stanislav Georgiev Videnov; Gabriela Georgieva Raykova; Alexander Panayotov Stefanov; Petar Parvanov, Lyubomir Halachev, Hristo Kolev, Anton Kodjabashev, Daniel Ilchev, Damiana Stoyanova, Nikolina Vuchkova, Yovcho Smilov, Andrey Boykov Nikolov.

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