An “official” decision on the places required to install surveillance cameras, the detection of prohibited areas and the obligation to transfer and publish the recordings

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Approval was issued today to force all ministries, agencies, institutions, shopping complexes and malls to install security surveillance cameras.

The decision included, after approval by the Cabinet, the imposition of security surveillance cameras on major roads and their intersections within cities and on highways connecting cities and governorates.

It is forbidden to install surveillance cameras inside medical examination rooms, hypnosis, physiotherapy, changing tables, toilets, lounges, women’s clubs, accommodation units in the tourist-accommodation facility, medical operating rooms and private places.

It is also forbidden to transfer or publish recordings except with the approval of the Ministry or the Presidency for State Security, or on the basis of a judicial order, or at the request of the competent investigative authority.

The Ministry of the Interior or the Presidency of State Security can watch the broadcasts and recordings of the security surveillance cameras, keep a copy of them, and process and analyze their data if necessary and for security reasons, in a way that does not conflict with the relevant legislation, and submits them to the competent court and the competent investigative authority, if requested.

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