An officer of the Faes involved in the Guacamaya TV case detained in Paraguachón

Six have been arrested. A week ago, in Cabimas, popular communicators Víctor Torres and Andrés Nieves Zacarías were shot.


José Moreno, one of the six Faes officers involved in the Guacamaya TV case, was arrested this Friday 28-A in Paraguachón, reported the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab.

Moreno, in the prosecutor’s words, “was trying to flee to Colombia, evading justice for his direct participation in the extrajudicial executions of the GuacamayaTV workers.”

The two popular communicators shot are Víctor Torres and Andrés Eloy Nieves Zacarías. The high-ranking MP official said that the victims were shot while sitting or kneeling.

A week ago, on Friday, August 21, six officials from that elite body of the PNB simulated a punishable act in Cabimas. “They wanted to cover up the extrajudicial execution of two innocents as if it were an armed confrontation,” Saab said on Wednesday 26-A.

The six policemen were identified as José Salas, Néstor Olano, Nerio Álvarez, Andrés Díaz, José Moreno and José Contreras. Two of them since the night of August 24 were deprived of liberty: José Contreras and Néstor Olano.

Both were presented for homicide classified as treachery, improper use of an organic weapon, simulation of a punishable act and violation of domicile by a public official.

On Wednesday afternoon, after the Public Ministry requested the arrest warrant against two heads of the Faes and a prosecutor, Saab himself pointed out through twitter: “Captured by case of #justiciamientos d GuacamayaTV workers to be #imputed: the FAES officials: Freddy Deroy-Chief of Operations and Deivid Guerrero-Chief of Western Region Special Actions; together with former prosecutor Jackbe Galbán “.

Regarding the heads of the Faes, the first authority of the MP said: “They endorsed the criminal actions of the material authors of the events.” “They are accomplices,” he emphasized.

He announced that they would be charged as accomplices in the crime qualified homicide with treachery and association “.

While de Galbán stated: “This former official is close to José Salas, head of the group acting in the events.”

“Galbán, upon learning of the investigation, appeared at the Faes Zulia facilities, without any authorization or notification to his superiors, in a private vehicle that he left parked at the headquarters and fled the site with the official involved.”

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