An MP told the fate of the Macedonians. Revealed about the EU

The decision on Northern Macedonia is an asset for Bulgaria because it effectively protects the rights of Bulgarians there, as EU accession talks will only begin after it changes its constitution and registers Bulgarians as a nation-building people. This was said in the studio of “Panorama” by Vladislav Panev – co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria” and chairman of “Green Movement”.

“Another very important thing – we from” Democratic Bulgaria “want Northern Macedonia to become a member of the EU. Only then will the borders fall, we will trade, we will travel, we will study, we will invest freely on both sides of the border. This should be a big priority for Bulgaria, “he said.

“Society and government in northern Macedonia must recognize the rights of every Macedonian citizen and every Bulgarian citizen living there, so as to increase trust between the two countries,” Panev stressed.

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