an investigation opened after the discovery of the corpse of a nonagenarian

An investigation was entrusted to the judicial police of Seine-Saint-Denis following the discovery of the putrefied body of a man on Sunday in a pavilion in Blanc-Mesnil.

The alert was given on Sunday afternoon by the deceased’s granddaughter, who had come to visit her grandfather, of whom she had no news. Following the discovery of the body of this 90-year-old man, in a pavilion in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis) where his son lived, an investigation was opened for “murder of an ascendant“, according to the Bobigny prosecution and police sources.

The corpse was “found in the house, obviously dead for some time“, specified the parquet floor. The state of the body “prevented making on-the-spot observations“.

The police arrested the son of the deceased, who lived with him in the accommodation. The 63-year-old man with serious psychological problems said “killing and then eating his father’s body parts“, according to a police source. His remarks are not “not necessarily consistent and to be taken seriously“, However, warned the prosecution. It should also be noted that “the first findings do not confirm his statement“.

An autopsy should be performed. The son of the deceased, whose condition is incompatible with police custody, was subject to compulsory hospitalization. The case was entrusted to the judicial police of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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