An interactive and sports session titled “Reproductive Health” for members of the Abu Kabir Youth Center in Sharkia

Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Azim, Undersecretary of the Sharkia Ministry of Youth and Sports, confirmed that the General Administration of Youth in the Directorate (Population Club), in cooperation with the Central Administration for Youth Projects and Training in the Ministry, implemented an interactive sports session titled (Reproductive Health) at the Abu Kabir Youth Center, with the participation of 30 young men and women of Youth Center members

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports added that the topic of population growth and its impact on various economic, social and development sectors was introduced during the interactive session, as well as a review of state plans to limit the ‘population growth affecting return rates and achieving global development in a negative way, as well as the phenomenon of early marriage, its causes and consequences, and the role of the state and the law, society and the family to address it, emphasizing that a series of sports activities and interactive workshops have been implemented for the participants.

This comes under the framework of caring for young people as an active energy to build the nation and work to fill their free time in a positive way and direct it to community service through the implementation of training workshops and educational seminars to increase health and awareness environment for young men and women of all ages.

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