An intelligent quiz, not a meat inspection: this was’ The smartest …

Our editor-in-chief Liesbeth Van Impe missed her entrance The smartest person in the world not. She particularly impressed in the photo round. James Cooke and Stefaan Degand were in the jury box, which increased the chance of an episode that degenerates into complete chaos by twenty percent. It happened, too, when Degand felt there was too much talk about appearance.

Last night’s winner:

Liesbeth Van Impe immediately won her first episode.

The loser:

With three keywords about Bart Tommelein, Bockie played Catherine Van Eylen home.

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Video: FOUR

Tomorrow’s newcomer:

Alina Churikova, de mol van 2020.

The best quotes:

Erik Van Looy: “James, Stefaan and Liesbeth have written a book. Shouldn’t you do that? ”

Stefaan Degand: “If only I had chosen a job.”


James Cooke: “Catherine, unbelievable that you are here for the fifth time. How many envelopes does Wouter have? ”


Erik Van Looy: “Who does the ironing for you, Bockie?”

Bockie De Repper: “Since two days Sven, from the styling here.”


James Cooke: “Dorian (his friend, ed.) Just sent me a good joke. What’s a Mexican called without a car? Carlos. ”

The Most Beautiful Moment:

It started innocently, with Erik Van Looy asking Liesbeth Van Impe if she thought Justin Trudeau was a beautiful man. “Slightly too drained,” she replied. “Are you more for Bockie then?” Asked James Cooke. “There is still a lot in between,” was the tactful answer. But that didn’t end there. “Prefer Bockie or rather Stefaan?” At that moment it became too much for the latter. “Men, that is a vulnerable given here. The smartest person is not a meat inspection! It’s an intelligent quiz, it’s not about the outside. It’s about the brain!

The intermediate score

1 Ella Leyers (18 episodes)

2 Conner Rousseau (7 episodes)

3 Delphine Lecompte (6 episodes)

4 Catherine Van Eylen (5 episodes)

5 Riadh Bahri (4 episodes)


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