An insurance policy is now mandatory for visitors to Qatar Health Insurance Scheme for visitors to Qatar to begin on Feb

Doha: The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has announced that the first phase of the compulsory health insurance scheme in Qatar will begin on February 1, 2023. All visitors to Qatar are now required to have a health insurance policy. Insurance becomes mandatory to get a visit visa to the country.

This is in accordance with the Regulation of Health Services Act 2021 (22), which stipulates that all visitors to Qatar are covered by a compulsory health insurance scheme. The project is being introduced in phases for smooth implementation.

Health insurance policies are available to visitors from health insurance companies registered with the Ministry of Public Health. The Ministry has made necessary arrangements to start the first phase of the project including this.

The insurance policy for visitors covers emergency and accident services only. The premium is initially 50 Qatar Riyals for one month. Visitors can also opt for a health insurance policy that covers additional services. The premium of such policies will vary depending on the rates of the insurance companies.

Visitors can select one of the registered insurance companies through the links available on the Ministry website. Visitors must take out a health insurance policy while applying for an entry visa to Qatar. It is mandatory to get visa. The same procedure applies for extension of visitor visa.

In the case of visitors holding international health insurance, the insurance policy requires Qatar to be covered. The insurance must be valid during their stay in the country. The Ministry of Public Health also said that this international insurance cover must be provided by one of the insurance companies recognized in Qatar. For more information on the health insurance scheme and conditions and to check the list of insurance companies registered with MOPH, visit Aspx link can be visited.

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