An initiative to bid farewell to Maradona in a special way in Argentina

The applause all over Argentina, the use of horns of encouragement and shouts of thanks were the passionate farewell of the Argentine people to former world soccer star Diego Armando Maradona, who died Wednesday at the age of 60.

The initiative started on social media to bid farewell to the Argentine football idol, in front of the Pink Palace (Casa Rosada), where the funeral ceremony will be held on Thursday evening in the presence of family and friends, and more than 500 people were waiting to take a final look at Maradona’s body.

The applause and shouts in Buenos Aires and in every city of the country were accompanied by cheers and lighting up all the stadiums at 10:00 pm local time, in honor of the owner of the number 10 shirt who wore Maradona throughout his career.

Argentinos Juniors Stadium, named after Diego Armando Maradona, saw many fans of the Argentine superstar, who laid roses around the stadium in the La Paternale neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

The managers of the club, where Maradona grew up, decided to open the stadium facilities and allow fans to enter to sing for 10 minutes in honor of the late former soccer star.

Another stadium in Buenos Aires, Boca Juniors Labomponera, lit up the cabin from which Maradona used to watch his former club’s matches.

And the Argentine Football Association (AFA) announced 7 days of mourning for the death of Maradona, whose body will be placed, starting from Thursday, in one of the halls of the Palace (La Casa Rosada), which the Argentine government has placed at the disposal of the family of the late star.

According to initial forensic medical reports, the cause of Maradona’s death was “acute pulmonary edema and exacerbation of chronic heart failure”, in addition to “cardiomyopathy.”



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