An indirect message from Al-Ahly to the fans of Zamalek on the World Mental Health Day

The official page of Al-Ahly Club channel sent an indirect message to Zamalek fans on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, which falls on October 10 of each year, where the page published a picture of the fans of the Red Castle and wrote its indirect message attached to the global mental health hashtag.

And the message sent by the official page to Zamalek fans came as follows: “We know that you are suffering, but do not change your colors for a few points, and everything will be fine.” On the second place if Al-Ahly wins, and Al-Ahly’s chances will be difficult if Al-Ahly is defeated, with the three points deducted from him, which will allow Pyramids to gain second place.

Al-Ahly channel indirect message

Al-Ahly will meet with Pyramids at 8 pm tomorrow, Sunday, at Cairo Stadium in the 33rd and penultimate round of the Premier League, which Al-Ahly recently crowned for the 42nd in its history and the fifth in a row. Second, with a score of 63, followed by Zamalek, who ranked third with 62 points.

Al-Ahly achieved 27 wins, 4 draws and one defeat, and visited the opponents’ net 71 times and conceded 8 times, while Pyramids won 19 games, drew 6 games, lost 7, scored 52 goals and conceded 31 goals.


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