An imprisoned man, 20 victims and questions: update on the “stings affair” at the Toulon concert

Twenty victims?

The judicial investigation has only just begun, three days after the big musical evening on Friday, on the beaches of Mourillon in Toulon, during which spectators claim to have been stung.

Now, there are twenty people who denounce such actions, including a security guard who was hospitalized.

All the other victims were members of the public, young people, a handful of teenagers, young adults and a 50-year-old woman.

Already bites on Thursday

Among them, two cases are reported for the evening not of Friday, but of Thursday. In total, there are even 29 cases being recorded by the national police.

On the first day of filming, the program “The song of the year” had attracted around 4,000 spectators, according to the Toulon organizers. Recorded in public in two evenings, the show was broadcast on TF1 on Saturday evening in prime time. On Friday, 16,000 people were in the fan zone.

Suspect charged and imprisoned

Sunday evening, a suspect was indicted for “violence aggravated by two circumstances, weapon (by destination) and premeditation”, then placed in pre-trial detention. Arrested on the night of Friday to Saturday, this man was presented to an investigating magistrate. The investigation will continue under the system of judicial information.

Resident in Toulon and aged 20, the suspect “Is implicated by three victims, including a security guard who says he was pricked with a syringe by this person, relates Samuel Finielz, public prosecutor of Toulon. The agent felt unwell, without it being possible to determine whether this discomfort is linked to the absorption of a harmful substance, or not.

Known next week, the results of the toxicological examinations “will help to determine”.

Another incriminating element, the testimonies of “two other victims who saw this individual and identify him as carrying a syringe”, in the words of the prosecutor. These victims say “to have succeeded in preventing him from stinging them and to have been victims of violence by this same individual”.

During the musical evening, the incident “caused crowd movements. The police were able to locate this person and arrest him”, recounts Samuel Finielz. The suspect contests the charges against him.

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A second suspect released

The second suspect placed in police custody on Friday evening was released, but the investigators are continuing the investigations, within the departmental security service.

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