an impressive waterspout has formed in Oostduinkerke! (video)

Present in force or scattered in the sky, the clouds will threaten the Belgians Monday afternoon and showers risking to fall on their heads. The drops will be more abundant in the west and could even be accompanied by a clap of thunder. Significant accumulations of precipitation will be possible in places, warns the IRM. No one will escape it.

Moreover, on the side of the Belgian coast, the weather is, one can say it, unstable this Monday noon. A waterspout formed off Oostduinkerke (Koksijde). Meteorologist Frank Uytendaele explained to our colleagues from Nieuwsblad that this phenomenon was not rare in the North Sea and that it had no consequences.

This incredible spectacle was immortalized by a passer-by, who sent us the video.

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