An expert presents the star’s looks at the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah

Jeddah witnessed signature looks from Arab and international art stars at an opening ceremony Red Sea Festival International Film Festival during its second session hosted by the city.

And the stars of the world have reviewed their looks on the red carpet in an atmosphere of joy and celebration, some of them have managed to choose a sophisticated and elegant look, others not.

Look and design expert Amani Abed talks in an exclusive interview with ‘Al-Youm’ about these different looks from the art stars.

The most important looks of Egyptian artists

“Abd” indicated that the artist, Yousra, appeared in her look, which was based on the golden color that comes to mind, “Dolce and Gabbana,” but said, “I think she was unsuccessful in the design that it highlighted the shoulders in a way that’s bigger than normal.”

And she stated: “In the poem, she adopted the golden braid to add a kind of elegant and ancient originality mixed with modernity. She also appeared, as usual, with a light make-up that calmed the bustle of the cloth, while she was satisfied wearing some simple accessories,” adding: “She was most brilliant in the first edition of the festival.

And he indicated: “The artist approved Nelly Karim The black color, which bears the signature of the designer Sarah Onsi, which although not included among the colors of winter remains the king of colors.

As for her hairstyle, she said: “I noticed that she wore a ponytail, as she managed to show off her hair, which made her more beautiful than last year with her European look, with her dress calm and makeup, which depends mostly on highlighting her eyes.”

Actress Sharon Stone - Today

bold look

And about the artist, Sharon Stone, the expert said: “The color pink, very popular this year, was present, as she appeared in a bold look in a way that suited the details of her body, as if was celebrating the advent of December”, noting that “she shone in an ‘off-white’ dress with layers of tulle and various ruffles, and matching gloves with it. Long, to mid-arm length, black, and was successful in choosing the updo hairstyle.

Simplified in general

Said, the artist Mila Al Zahrani Block appeared in the black-and-white two-piece and let her hair down to match the fluidity of the overall shape that inspired her at first glance, explaining, “But I also think it’s in the color indigo that was common in the previous year, and the Hollywood suit and her black hair were more brilliant”.

Actress Priyanka Chopra - Today

Abaya inspired dress

He continued: “The artist, Priyanka Chopra, chose a piece that made her look more like a mermaid, and the golden color prevailed over the Indian star Priyanka Chopra, who shone in an abaya-inspired gown that she chose from the models inspired by the dressed abaya, with the color of long wavy brown hair and a shiny necklace, where she chose a somewhat similar piece The dress of the artist, Yusra, depends on the radiance of the color with the color of her skin and her hair.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez - Today

Real casual look

And on the artist, Michelle Rodriguez said, “She appeared in a wild hair look that takes us with her to the movie ‘The Rez and Makeup’ in a black dress that suggests royalty,” explaining, “I loved the mixture of casualness and royalty in his appearance, and this was evident in the combination of black and white”.

Actress Maguy Bou Ghosn - today

A revolutionary format for a film festival

He added: “The artist, Maguy Bou Ghosn, appeared in the revolutionary form of a woman at the Red Sea Festival, and although he didn’t include yellow for this year, it was dominant last year, and both Hind Sabry that Yasmine Sabry starred in it in the first version, and the fullness of the artist’s body is revealed through the model, the color and the parted hair. .

Actress Nadine Njeim - today

Trendy elegance

As for Nadine Njeim He said of her that she is “one of the most elegant artists, as Nadine appeared in a one-shoulder gown, a bronze-beige pattern and shawl, and a belt from the waist and her hair pulled back and down to look like a model in the her gown, which indicates that she succeeded in her entire look.”

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