An exhibition will be opened in Kuldiga in honor of Imants Ziedonis’ ‘Kurzemite’

This year, in the fiftieth year of Imants Ziedonis’ book “Kurzemīte”, Ziedonis Museum and “Kartupeļu lauka radio” have created an exhibition and a multimedia format magazine. Starting from October 2, in the Kuldīga Regional Museum you can get acquainted and experience the exposition “Where is the land so”, the portal “Delfi” is informed by the representatives of the Ziedonis Museum.

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The exhibition “Where the Earth Is” consists of several rooms, which conceptually convey, explain and interpret Imants Ziedonis’ ideas and values ​​close to him today. The aim of the exhibition is to acquaint the public not only with Imants Ziedonis’ book “Kurzemīte”, but also to present various ideas found in this book in an innovative way. Imants Ziedonis, traveling around Kurzeme and reflecting on what he experienced on the way, writes in his book that he is interested in Latvia ‘s individualities, personalities, quarrels and strangers. Imants Ziedonis believed that only a personality can raise the other personality.

“Our wish with both this exhibition and” Radio Magazine. Where the land is “was to return to the feeling of the land described in” Kurzemīte “and still breathing today. Both on the shores of Kolkasrags, in the lazy idyll of Kuldīga, and on a freshly cultivated field inhabited by birds and various wind melodies. “In which we went, the above – mentioned feeling applied itself more and more strongly.

Works by young artists Elizabete Klints, Gints Rudzītis, Jānis Holstein-Upmanis (Goran Gora), Sandra Strēle and Kintija Avenas, inspired by the book “Kurzemīte”, will be on display in one of the exhibition rooms. In the book “Kurzemīte”, Imants Ziedonis, while touring Kurzeme, also visited the “Potato Ball” organized by Kazdanga Agricultural Technical School. Thanks to the Kazdanga Museum, every visitor to the exhibition will have the opportunity to see this event. A separate place in the exhibition is given to the publication “Radio Magazine. Where is the Land” by the creator of “Kartupeļu lauka radio”. This is a multimedia edition, where, in parallel with the text and photos, it is possible to listen and see the interviewed people of Kurzeme. Kurzeme residents were interviewed and immortalized in several radio team expeditions throughout the summer. The characters of the radio magazine have been immortalized by the photographer Elīna Kursīte and the young video artist Alise Līce. Musician Goran Gora has composed a composition from the sounds found in Kurzeme.

The exhibition can be seen in the Kuldīga Regional Museum (Pils Street 5, Kuldīga) from October 2 to November 22, every day from Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00, on Tuesdays from 12.00 to 18.00.

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