An Ethiopian Airlines plane landed incorrectly at an under construction airport, how come?

LUSAKA, – a cargo plane Ethiopian Airlines who flew to Zambia, accidentally landed at an airport that was still under construction, said a government official on Monday (5/4/2021).

The plane landed on Sunday (4/4/2021) at an unfinished airport in the northern province of Copperbelt.

In that area, which serves flights is Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport about 15 km away.

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Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation Misheck Lungu said the pilot landed at the Copperbelt International Airport which was still under construction due to a technical error.

“When he was about to land, he was communicating with the radar and they said to him, ‘We can’t see you,'” Lungu told AFP.

“So he used his sight because he had no control and landed at an airport which was still under construction.”

Lungu added that no damage was done and investigators will release a comprehensive report on the incident.

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The Ethiopian Airlines pilot then flew the plane back to its original destination.

Ethiopian Airlines has yet to respond to this mis-landing incident.

The opening of the Chinese-made Copperbelt International Airport was originally scheduled for mid-2020, but has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cargo flights are helping Ethiopian Airlines to stay breathable financially during the pandemic.

Africa’s largest airline has turned dozens of iron birds carrying passengers into cargo planes.

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