An ethical view of artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence (AI), why do we have to look at AI from an ethical perspective, where is AI used – and how do we manage to handle AI confidently? Many questions – to which Janina Loh knows the answer. The philosopher, who has a doctorate, is a guest at the AI ​​Week of the LfDI and will speak on Monday, July 11th, about AI and feelings – and will give an overview of the introduction to artificial intelligence and self-determination.

What is artificial intelligence?

What is the difference between a robot, computer, AI and algorithm?

Why do we have to deal with artificial intelligence from an ethical perspective?

More videos will follow.

The philosopher Dr. Janina Loh works for the Liebenau Foundation, where she is responsible for the Ethics department. Her “Introduction to Trans- and Posthumanism” (3rd edition 2020) was published by Junius and “Introduction to Robot Ethics” (2019) by Suhrkamp.

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