“An embarrassing setback”: the American press points out Biden’s difficulties in Congress

Times are tough for Joe Biden, and the American press will not say otherwise. His campaign to push through new voting rights protections in Congress appeared nearly dead on Thursday, after it became clear he had failed to unite his own party behind his drive to overhaul Senate rules. to promulgate his law despite the Republican opposition”, draws up the New York Times.

At issue: the opposition of Democratic senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to the parliamentary stratagem imagined by the White House, to pass its major electoral reform. Enough to cast doubt on the future of the text in an upper house where Biden’s party only has a tiny majority. “An embarrassing setback for Joe Biden”, concludes the New York daily.

“Biden has staked a lot of his political capital”

Especially since the American president has invested heavily in favor of this reform intended to protect minorities’ access to the ballot box and ensure electoral transparency, in the face of a multitude of reforms undertaken by conservative states to restrict the right to vote. vote. To do this, the text intended in particular to harmonize practices and give the federal state a right to look at local initiatives.

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“Since the start of the year, Joe Biden has bet much of his political capital on the right to vote, which advisers see as a critical issue for his Democratic base, despite doubts about his prospects,” points out the Wall Street Journal. Joe Biden’s meeting with Senate Democrats on Thursday was seen as a personal last-ditch attempt to defeat the holdouts.”

Again, the tenant of the White House faces the divisions of his camp. “President Biden, for the second time in two months on Thursday, saw his ambitions curtailed by a senator from his own party, reducing the influence and power of the White House, while raising questions about the achievements that his party can make this year before the midterm elections”, observes The Hill.

These must be held next November and are historically unfavorable to the president in place. “So what’s next? What other losses can this administration suffer?” USA Today, for whom the answer to this question could be decisive on the eve of the upcoming election.

“Keep up the fight to protect voting rights”

For his part, the Washington Post questions the former vice president’s ability to heal American fractures. “The biggest question for Biden is whether there is still room for bipartisanship and conciliation,” the daily notes in an editorial. Political divisions have deepened over the past year and Republicans, led by McConnell , rebuffed almost all of his overtures. He had bigger ambitions, on social and political revitalization. But with such shaky Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, Biden will now struggle to pass meaningful legislation.”


“I hope we will get there but I’m not sure,” Joe Biden himself admitted on Thursday regarding his ability to get his reform voted on. “If we fail the first time, we can try a second time,” he continued. In any case, this is what enjoins him to do. Los Angeles Times, in an editorial with the very explicit title: “Continue the fight to protect voting rights.” “President Biden and Schumer have promised to continue to fight to protect voting rights, adds the Californian daily. They must do so as long as there is a chance to save our democracy.”



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