An Egyptian peasant woman challenges the most famous dancer with a scandalous Egyptian peasant dance compass in the bedroom.. Watch

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – A video clip of a housewife dancing in a strange way than usual spread on social media.

In the clip, which was circulated by activists on Twitter, a housewife dances a popular dance in an exciting way that won the admiration of the viewers.

In another incident that caused a sensation, an Egyptian woman gave her husband a gift on his birthday, which was a large parcel containing a belly dancer in a pink dance suit.

And a circulating video showed the moment the husband opened the package to find the dancer, after which he jokingly said: “I will enter with her” to the package.

And with the songs “Sweet Year, Beautiful,” the husband exchanged kisses with the dancer before she went out and started dancing in front of him.

In her justification, the wife said that this is what her husband loves the most.
Watch the video

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