An Egyptian female forces her husband to set shatta in an uncomfortable spot for her friend right after stripping her of her clothing, and the cause is surprising and her hair turns gray! (you will be stunned)

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Police investigations in the 3rd portion of October revealed all the information of a woman’s accusation from her friend and husband of filming her in profane positions and positioning a shatta on a delicate spot on her system.

The story began with a report obtained by the section on October 3 in Giza Governorate, wherever a lady claimed becoming amazed by a male and one more girl who robbed her less than duress.

The gentlemen of the legal investigation suspected the tale and arrested the defendant, as the two defendants told the accurate story and it emerged that the to start with defendant is effective as a “hairdresser” and her husband and that they have an affair with the target.

It turned out that the defendant was operating in a hairdressing shop owned by the target and that her partner ran away from her simply because of her poor status, and the defendant started to solution the victim to choose edge of her intricate interactions with adult males, specially that she married a recurring younger man right after training immorality with him and getting a boy or girl with him even however she was married to an additional.

In fact, the defendant agreed with the target a offer, which the sufferer would broker in between her and the guys who want forbidden pleasure, in exchange for a commission. And the diabolical deal has been reached, as the victim now introduces the accused to individuals who drive forbidden pleasure and arranges the conference concerning them in trade for a fee and just about every of them earns significant sums of income from accumulating this work. prohibited.

The issue started out when the defendant chatted with a shopper and uncovered that the victim also acquired a “commission” from the client, as opposed to the commission she receives from her .. which the defendant thought of a “betrayal” of do the job. and friendship involving them!

The defendant utilized her habitual spouse and made a plan to lure the victim into the residence. Soon after she witnessed, her partner filmed her in indecent predicaments – below the menace of a gun – and stung a sensitive space of ​​her human body as a kind of torture and threatened to write-up the movie if the law enforcement experienced been knowledgeable.
The accused spouses have been detained pending whole investigation by investigators into the incident.

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