An Egyptian artist is crying out: I am being beaten and threatened with mutilation!

An Egyptian artist was beaten and expelled from her home by unknown persons. The Egyptian actress, Ola Ghanem, surprised her followers by writing a distress call on her Instagram page, stating that she and her family were beaten and expelled from their home.

And the artist wrote through her official account on the “Instagram” application: “A distress call to the National Center for Women’s Rights .. Dr. Maya Morsi .. I am the artist Ola Ghanem, I am subjected to violence, oppression and expulsion from my home and I am exposed to conspiracy, bullying and threats to me and my entire family .. help me.”

The artist revealed to the details of the attack on her and said that since last Friday she had been subjected to a violent attack by thugs in her home at the behest of her husband, against whom she filed a divorce suit.

The artist stated that she had filed a divorce suit against her husband for months and was subjected to constant threats of disfiguring him with fire water and beating with Molotov cocktails, noting that she had submitted a report to the security services against him and against the thugs who used them.

She added that her husband used women to beat her, including his relatives, stressing that she would not give up her right no matter what happened.

This came days after a lawyer filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against the artist on charges of forgery.

In his communication, which bore No. 60829, the lawyer accused the artist of forging an official document in the divorce suit filed by her against her husband, Abdel Aziz Hassan Abdel Aziz.

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Ola Ghanem, born on November 26, 1971, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1994, Department of Painting, and did not complete her studies at the Institute of Performing Arts.

Her fame came after playing a role in the song “Hansak” by singer Mohamed Fouad, then she started artistic work in the field of television advertisements, and after that she turned to acting, where she participated in many series and films.

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