An earthquake of magnitude 4.6 and the epicenter in Granada felt in Malaga | BE Malaga | Hour 14 Malaga

a 4.6 magnitude earthquake and epicenter in the Granada town of Chaucino has been felt tonight in several Andalusian provinces, such as Malaga.

The earthquake occurred at 23:37 (local time) and there is no evidence of personal or material damage. The movement has dragged on several seconds.

The movement of the earth has been felt in points on the Andalusian coast as Rincon de la Victoria and Fuengirola in addition to the Costa Tropical of Granada itself.

It is one of the largest earthquakes in recent months in the south of the country. The National Geographic Institute Minutes later, it has lowered the intensity to 4.2 and has located the epicenter in the municipality of Chimeneas, about 15 kilometers from Granada capital.

Minutes later it has occurred a second earthquake with an epicenter in Santa Fe and of magnitude 3.1


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