An audit committee at the French Federation says Le Graet “no longer enjoys legitimacy” to run it

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On Monday, the audit mission of the French Football Federation issued an interim report confirming that the president of the federation, Noel Le Graet, whose duties were suspended weeks ago, “no longer enjoys the necessary legitimacy” to continue in office because of his “behavior towards women.” Le Graet is currently under investigation after allegations of moral and sexual harassment. Federation officials have until February 13 to respond before the final report is published.

Because of his “behavior towards women”, an audit mission in the French Football Federation said on Monday that its suspended president, Noel Le Graet, no longer enjoys the necessary legitimacy for his administration.

An interim report by the Inspectorate General for Education, Sports and Research, commissioned by the Ministry of Sports, indicated that the federation’s policy on gender-based and sexual violence was “not effective”.

Federation officials have until February 13 to write down and respond to these conclusions, before the final report is published.

“The mission is of the opinion that, given his behavior towards women, his public statements and the failures of the FFF administration, Mr. Le Graet no longer has the necessary legitimacy to manage and represent French football,” said the report, a copy of which was obtained by Agence France-Presse.

Le Graet, whose duties have been suspended since January 11, is under investigation for moral and sexual harassment.

The report said his attitude towards women “can at least be described as sexist”, saying there was evidence his behavior was “likely to be criminal”, all charges he personally denies.

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The report targeted the administrative practices of the Federation’s general director, Florence Hardouin, whose duties were also suspended, saying it could be described as “brutal”.

The investigation followed the testimony of Sonia Sued, the agent of several French international players, which was heard by the auditors of the General Inspectorate for Education, Sports and Research.

It was the executive body of the French Federation On January 11, she suspended Le Graet’s duties and appointed his deputy Philippe Diallo as his temporary successor, after controversial statements and accusations of sexual misconduct.

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