An astronomical event that has not been seen by the inhabitants of the earth for 800 years .. These are its details

The inhabitants of the earth are waiting for a rare astronomical phenomenon that has not occurred 800 years ago, in the astronomical conjunction, which is considered one of the astronomical phenomena that arise due to the rotation of the celestial bodies around the sun. The celestial meridian of the two bodies.

The Saudi astronomer Mulhim Hindi, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, separated to In a phenomenon that rarely occurs between the two gigantic planets (Jupiter and Saturn), they do not come together except every 20 years, due to the long period of their rotation around the sun, so the buyer takes 12 years To complete a cycle, while Saturn needs 30 years, so Jupiter needs 20 years to catch Saturn again.

He said: “Every coupling event between them will be the apparent distance, as we see them from Earth, is different. If the planets’ levels are close, the distance is the smallest possible and vice versa, and during the next pairing event between them on Monday evening December 21, 2020 AD, the apparent distance between them will be approximately 6 minutes.” An arc (0,1 degree), and this very close distance did not occur since 1623 AD, but at that time they were near the sun and the conjunction could not be seen, while the very close conjunction that the inhabitants of the Earth saw was 794 years ago (1226 AD) that is, before the invention of the telescope. It means that on December 21 this conjunction will be observed for the first time in history with this close proximity between the two planets.

He said that Jupiter and Saturn appear these days after sunset, and they are seen in the southwest at an altitude of about 20 degrees, which enables us to see them for two hours from after sunset until they disappear behind the horizon.

He continued, saying: “The conjunction can be seen with the naked eye, and they will appear close together as an elongated star, while the two planets are seen through the telescope with each other with clarity of detail by the appearance of the distinctive rings of Saturn surrounding the planet and the four large moons of Jupiter with the appearance of the clouds belts on the surface of Jupiter.”



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