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an association helps people living with a mental disorder


ClubHouse France helps people suffering from mental illness to integrate professionally and socially. This association, based in Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes and Lyon, supports people who live with a mental disorder and is based on a philosophy based on sharing and mutual aid to break the isolation.

One of its representatives, Elsa Abecassis, explains that “to offer them social and professional integration, we are setting up individual follow-up and training“. And the health crisis has, as with many associations, generated the closure of the premises, the employees remained on deck to keep the link with the people they accompany.

“We created a new concept called the e-ClubHouse to follow them remotely, either by phone or by e-mail, to provide them with support and continue working on their professional project, “explains Elsa Abecassis.” This created time for discussion, information and conviviality through all the collaborative platforms that many have used during these two and a half months of confinement“, she welcomed.

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