An American player scores a “acrobatic” goal in the last minute of a league match … Video

Danny Barrera, an obscure player in the Hartford Athletic team in the American League, scored a strange goal in a way that can only be described as “acrobatic” in the last minute of the match that brought his team to his rival, Philadelphia, and Danny Barrera became the talk of the pioneers of social media, after he scored his amazing goal To give his team a “fatal” victory in the 89th minute of the match in the second division.

The Hartford Athletic player snatched a ball from the Philadelphia goalkeeper in the last moments of the match when the score indicated a positive 2-2 draw, and a high ball reached the homeowners’ penalty area to be picked up by the goalkeeper, but when the goalkeeper tried to pass the ball to one of his teammates, he was startled. Hartford Athletic striker Danny Barrera, who made a “acrobatic” move, stretched his right foot up and back, so the ball hit his heel and returned to the net.

The moment the goal is scored

The video of the great goal spread after the end of the match, and there was a great deal of interaction from the pioneers of social networking sites with the goal of Barrera, as many of them reposted the shot of the goal on the social media sites.

On the other hand, Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain began his career with his new team, Inter Miami, with a disastrous start, in the match that ended with the defeat of Higuain’s comrades by 3-0 from Philadelphia Union, in the 14th round of the American League.

Gonzalo Higuain missed a penalty kick in his first match with his new team, Inter Miami, and quarreled with the Vladivia Union players, who mocked him and celebrated exaggeratedly after he missed the penalty kick.

The American Inter Miami, owned by former English star David Beckham, had officially announced the contract with Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain, in a free transfer deal, after his contract with Juventus was canceled, and the striker underwent a mandatory quarantine period that lasted for a week before playing his first match with the team. Under the Local Government Health and Safety Protocol and the US Professional League.


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