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An all-out match to determine the winner of a tied series awaits, as we look to Bystrica and Spišiaci for the outcome.

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The hockey players of Spišská Nova Ves and Banská Bystrica are waiting for the decisive seventh duel in the quarter-final series of the Tipos extraliga playoffs. The balance of these teams was already shown in the regular season, when both scored 79 points, and the better position in the table was decided only by mutual matches. Two goals in Saturday’s meeting were scored by home striker Juraj Majdan, who believes that his team will also succeed in Bystrica.

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The winger of the first formation scored the first points in the playoffs and helped the team to maintain the chances of advancing to the semi-finals after a 4-2 triumph. “It fell to me there and I believe that it will continue and it will not end. We started the way we wanted. We scored a goal, but then we conceded immediately. We played a fair game, we implemented the system and in the end we scored the second goal . said Maidan.

Coach Vlastimil Wojnar also praised the 31-year-old attacker: “He played well in the series, but did not score. He managed to score two goals, for which we are very happy. I believe that he will help us even more than before. it fell to him in the match.”

During the meeting, the people of Bystrica alternated better moments with worse ones. “At the beginning of the first period, we fell asleep, but then we were better. In the second period, we let it go a lot, and in the third it was about a goal. Unfortunately, the opponent broke it on their side.” said the visiting goalkeeper Filip Belányi, who explained what the team must demonstrate in Monday’s meeting: “In the seventh match, we all have to give everything and succeed in it. We need to make less mistakes and score more goals.”

Coach Doug Shedden also commented on the performance of the twenty-two-year-old goalkeeper: “As for Belányi, if you had told me two and a half months ago that he would catch as often in the playoffs as in the regular season, I probably would have disagreed. However, when Sedláček was injured, he did a great job. He was able to lead the team as well to win the third game in this series. We put our trust in him. Now it’s either a rested goalkeeper, or it will be Belányi again. We trust both of our goalkeepers.”

According to Michal Kabáč, Banská Bystrica failed in the sixth meeting also because it did not use the power play: “We know that Spišská has better special teams than us, but we are trying to work on it. We have to shoot at the goal, we have strong players there who know how to push it into the goal. However, we did not shoot in this match and that is why we did not like it.”

HK Spišská Nová Ves – HC 05 Banská Bystrica

Source: TASR

The 27-year-old forward believes that the Bystrica team will be able to handle the seventh duel and build on the record from this season, when they lost only once in five home duels against Spišská: “It’s an even series. It’s decided which team will want more. So far it’s been that whoever wanted more and played better won the duel. I need to pull myself together and forget about this match. We have to play what we have and know . Then I’m not worried we’re not going to make it. We’re going to want more and win this series.”

Maidan has a similar opinion: “I think that the one who puts more heart into it will win. The seven matches are about which team puts more into it. There is nothing left to lose, only to gain. I believe that we will be successful, because we have Bystrica.”

No team has yet won two games in a row in a series, but the forward of Spišská Nová Vsí thinks he can do it: “It’s going to be tough. But I believe we’ll break it and turn it on our side.” The seventh meeting is scheduled for Monday.

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