An actress from Teruel, Sandra Dalda, trains in Prague with her eyes set on Pozondón

Two young actresses in the final stretch of their training, Sandra Dalda from Teruel and Begoña Puentes from Almeria, have decided to create his own theater company, ‘Po company’, from the Academy of Performing Arts de Praga, the prestigious center where they complete their training journey. Faced with the prospect that, upon completion of drama studies, it will be difficult to find a job -a difficulty aggravated by the pandemic-, the two interpreters have created their own group and have written the work with which they want to debut on the stage, ‘Eraser’. The piece, directed by Sixto Abril, is set in Pozondón and revolves around two young people, Anna and Leire, who follow in the footsteps of their grandmothers, Carmen and Nina, when they left the same town with the desire to make your dramatic calling come true.

Sandra, who took her first steps on stage with the group T de Teatro, from Teruel, began studies of dramatic art at the demanding Royal School of Dramatic Art (Resad) in Madrid and during this course complements them in Prague. He points out that, when facing the final stretch of his dramatic training – he has one last year to finish -, he cannot avoid “Fears and insecurities” before the gray perspective of the world of work. He points out that, as a native of a depopulated province, he has had more difficulties than young people who aspire to be actors and actresses in large cities, where they have a wide academic offer.

The young actress from Teruel and her partner Begoña Puentes, who have opted for him gestural theater, have written their first play around the tribulations of two young people who, like them, tried to make their way onto the stage starting from the Emptied Spain. ‘Eraser’ shows how Anna and Leire recover their grandmothers’ adventures through five characters that follow one another on stage played by Sandra and Begoña. The work, with continuous flash-backs, combines the texts with an intense gestural facet that helps to identify the characters and their personalities.

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Thinking that covid-19 could give the theater a break next summer, ‘Po company’ has sent the dossier of its first montage to potential programmers, who, although they show interest in the work, wait before hiring it to see how it evolves the pandemic.

Sandra Dalda explains that the montage has vindictive winks to denounce the inequality of opportunities between rural and urban environments, also in the world of entertainment and particularly for women. He begins by setting the starting point of the story in Pozondón, a small town in the Sierra de Albarracín. Its intention is to offer ‘Draft’ to the town councils and associations of the rural world so that they can enjoy a fresh and innovative dramatic montage.

If the movement limitations imposed by the pandemic allow it, the stay at the Prague Academy will end next June and the two actresses will return to Spain to complete their apprenticeship at Resad and try to make their theatrical vocation a trade. Sandra Dalda explains that the Czech drama center, with a “brilliant” formation, has been the icing on the cake to complete your interpretive training. Now she dreams that ‘Po company’ is the vehicle that leads her and her partner Begoña to the world of work with ‘Eraser’ as a ticket.


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