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Amy Winehouse, from show reporter to music legend

Nine years ago he died Amy Winehouse, who is already considered a legend in music for the contributions he made during his short career.

The controversial singer died in 2011 at 27 years of age. Investigations into the causes of his death indicated that he ingested a fatal amount of alcohol.

On July 23, the music world was shocked with the death of the British artist, who for many had a lot to give for her great talent for writing songs.

Amy Jade Winehouse was a British singer and songwriter famous, among other things, for her mixes of various musical genres, including jazz, R&B, soul and ska

In addition to her acclaimed musical talent, Amy Winehouse also had a well-known history of drug addiction and on more than one occasion he admitted to suffering from eating disorders.

His musical talent was never questioned, but his lifestyle, which had a long history of drug addiction and on more than one occasion admitted to suffering from eating disorders.

In his short but successful musical career he released only two studio albums: Frank and Back to Black.

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Both were triple platinum certified in the UK, with sales of over one million copies each.

Some of the most important recognitions to his music are six awards Grammy (one after his death), a Brit award and a Mobo award.

In 2013, she was the first deceased artist to be nominated for a Brit Award, the most important in the British music industry.

His musical success was paired with a wide presence on the covers of newspapers and magazines due to his stormy love relationships and his relationship with alcohol and drugs.

Amy’s father confirmed to the press that the proceeds from the tour will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was created after the singer’s death with the aim of providing help to young people suffering from substance abuse and other difficulties. .

Biopic of the singer

The biopic about Amy Winehouse will be released “in a year or two,” as revealed by her father Mitch Winehouse.

“We have an adorable movie on the way and a lovely show on Broadway. This is how we will get it back, portraying it as it was,” Mitch told Paul Danan’s podcast. The Morning After.

And he added: “The film will be ready in a year or two. We are beyond the talks, we are at the stage of the script. The film is going to be a biopic,” said Europa Press.

Moments of Amy Winehouse

– He was born on September 14, 1983.

– Her grandmother Cynthia was the one who suggested to her parents that they put Amy in a theater school where she could exploit her artistic talent. I was 9 years old.

– Since childhood he suffered from depression, after the separation from his parents.

– Her dream was to be an important skater.

– One of her first jobs was as a show reporter for the World Entertainment News network.

So far away, by Carole King, was her favorite song that was played during her funeral.

– Pete Doherty, Mick Jagger, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Jay Z were big fans of Amy.

– Amy Winehouse was experiencing a great moment of recognition in music, but on several occasions she indicated that she would give everything to change fame for a family.

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