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Amthor withdraws from Amri-investigation Committee


Dhe CDU-politician Philip Amthor pulls back after lobbying allegations from the investigative Committee of the Bundestag on the terrorist attack on Berlin’s breitscheidplatz. The the Parliamentary Secretary of the Union, Michael Grosse-Brömer announced, on Tuesday evening. “In a friendly conversation, we agreed today that he will be giving his job to one of my colleagues in the education work of the UA is not burdened in any way,” he said. Amthor is a substitute member in the Committee. Previously, the newspaper “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung had reported” about it.

The Green-Chairman Robert Habeck had CDU on Monday prompted Amthor, who is from the investigation Committee to deduct, because, among other things, the former constitutional protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen will be questioned, a Buddy of Philip Amthor, according to Habecks words, “recognizable”. A neutral survey will be Amthor, therefore, hardly possible.

Amthor had a the last days with Lobbying affair faced seen. He stands in the criticism, because he Write and talks at the Federal government for the American company Augustus Intelligence had used. After the publication of a “mirror”report, Amthor had called on Friday for his work for the company as an error. Although he had shown a side job for the company in the case of recording in the past year, the Bundestag administration official. “Nevertheless, I have made myself politically vulnerable, and I understand the criticism. It was a mistake,“ said Amthor.

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Also Maaßen to have had contacts to Augustus Intelligence. In the report of the magazine “Spiegel” about Amthors activities, there is also a photo that shows Amthor, among other things, with Maassen.

The liberals welcomed it as a “consequence” that Amthor from the Committee of inquiry pulls back. A critical engagement with Maaßen as a “core” would be witnesses for Amthor in his personal and business relationships quite obviously not have been possible, said the Chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Benjamin Strasser. But the matter was not at an end. “He owes the Public an explanation of who financed the travel, accommodation and champagne in connection with the company Augustus Intelligence.”

According to the Bundestag administration, the alleged Transfer of share options is as in the case of Amthor notifiable. At the time of this transaction, no assets to begin to flow, but the mere right to acquire shares at an agreed price. In the afternoon, Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) had rejected an assessment of the lobbying allegations against Amthor at this point in time. “The extent to which he has now rules are in breach of the deputies of the law, against our work order, against our behavior that is now being investigated,” said brink house on Tuesday before a meeting of the Union group. The Group’s Chairman, was optimistic that Amthor will be in the investigation of the allegations, and quite transparent. “After that, we’ll be the judge of the whole story.”




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