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Amsterdam cleaning company fined for abuse NOW

The Tax and Customs Administration has imposed additional tax assessments and additional assessment assessments for an Amsterdam-based cleaning company for more than 3 million euros, of which 0.5 million euros was collected immediately. The company also received more than 50,000 euros in fines for underpayment and the deployment of employees without a work permit.

The abuses came to light during an investigation into the working conditions of cleaners in hotels. The investigation was conducted by the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate, the UWV, the municipality of Amsterdam and the Tax Authorities.

The Tax and Customs Administration has seized the bills and outstanding claims with clients of the cleaning company.

The cleaning company employed two foreign nationals without a work permit in several hotels. A fine of 16,000 euros has been paid for this. The hotels where they carried out the work are also fined.

Errors with payment of employees

The cleaning company also went wrong when it came to paying employees. For example, two employees were underpaid and four employees were not transferred the wages to a bank account. In addition, the company could not prove to an employee how much wages and holiday allowance had been paid and how many hours this person had worked.

As a result, the inspection was unable to determine whether the employee had received the minimum wage. A fine of 20,250 euros has been imposed for all these violations. Finally, the cleaning company received a fine of 15,000 euros because the company was unable to show proper registration of working and rest times.

On the run

A person fled during the inspection. After an investigation by the UWV, it turned out that he received a WIA benefit and had been undeclared since October 2017.

Because the cleaner had not reported anything to the UWV, he received a recovery of 11,000 euros and a fine of 5,500 euros.



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