Amsterdam Bans Exhaust-Emitting Vehicles in Effort to Improve Air Quality

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From 2025, only taxis, vans and trucks, mopeds and light mopeds and boats that do not emit exhaust fumes will be welcome in a large part of Amsterdam. Vehicles that run on electricity or hydrogen are still welcome. Passenger cars fall outside the ban. With the measure, the capital wants to make the air cleaner and the city healthier and quieter, the competent aldermen report.

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These are vehicles that will be newly registered as of 2025. The emission-free zones will apply to taxis, vans and trucks within the A10 ring road, to mopeds and light mopeds within built-up areas and to pleasure craft in the central area.

According to the municipality, transitional arrangements will be made for existing vehicles and vessels. “Of course, we ask a lot of residents and entrepreneurs. It can cost money, cause inconvenience, or both. That is why we are going to help Amsterdammers and entrepreneurs.” For example, there will be exemptions, demolition subsidies and Amsterdammers with a low income will be helped, according to the municipality. “Amsterdam residents with a petrol or diesel vehicle or vessel that falls under the new rules will soon receive a letter.”

Amsterdam already has an environmental zone for passenger cars, vans and lorries, buses, taxis and mopeds and light mopeds. It was previously announced that the capital would no longer have polluting petrol and diesel cars in the city by 2030. “But the quality of the air in the city could be much better.” With the measures, the city wants to comply with the recommended values ​​for air quality of the World Health Organization, which will apply from 2030.

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