AMP.-Brexit.-London asks for a month to respond to Brussels’ sanctioning file for breaching the Brexit pact


The British Government has asked the European Commission for one more month to put together its response to the disciplinary proceedings opened by the community institution on March 15 against London for failing to comply with the terms of the divorce agreement, especially with regard to the protocol affecting Northern Ireland.

The Community Executive sent a letter of formal notice in mid-March, which launched the infringement procedure that, ultimately, can end the case in the Court of Justice of the EU if the differences are not resolved in the first phases of the file.

With that notice, Brussels gave the British authorities a period of one month to respond by sending the comments it deemed appropriate, defending itself against the accusations or offering commitments to resolve the differences.

However, the period expires this Thursday and the British minister in charge of monitoring Brexit, David Frost, wrote to the Community Executive on Monday to ask for one more month, as the Irish chain RTE has advanced and European sources have confirmed to Europa Press.

In any case, the sources specify, Brussels has not yet given a response to this request while waiting for the matter to be dealt with this Thursday at the “informal” meeting that will be held by Frost himself and the Community vice president responsible for monitoring compliance. of the agreements related to Brexit, Maros Sefcovic.

The meeting will be held in the European capital and will serve to take stock of the technical work in progress to implement the protocol of Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as to give a “political orientation” to pending issues between both teams, they have pointed out from the Community executive.

London hides itself in the fact that infringement procedures “generally allow two months to respond” and that this is a precedent that allows it to have one more month.

“We have agreed with the European Union that we will respond to the letter of formal notice in mid-May,” a British government spokeswoman told Europa Press, despite the fact that Brussels does not confirm its response.

“We have made it clear that the measures we have taken are legal and part of a progressive and good faith implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol,” the spokeswoman added.


It is the second time in six months that Brussels has taken legal action against the United Kingdom for what it considers a violation of the conditions of separation and a violation of international law.

In this case, it was the response to the British decision to unilaterally extend until 1 October the ‘grace period’ for customs controls on food or agricultural products arriving in Northern Ireland, contrary to the provisions of the protocol designed between London and Brussels to protect the Good Friday peace accords in Ulster.

The fact that the United Kingdom has decided to postpone compliance with the provisions that affect the Irish protocol has also strained the process of ratification of the framework for future relations by the European bloc, since the European Parliament has yet to vote in plenary session to approve it. second agreement but is reluctant to do so.

The agreement for the future relationship has been applied provisionally since last January 1 to avoid a break with the braves, but this interim expires on April 30, after the United Kingdom granted a first extension in February.

The European Parliament, for its part, should vote in the plenary session of the last week of April on the agreement to comply with this calendar, but has indicated that it awaits full compliance with the exit agreement before scheduling this vote.

AMP.-Brexit.-London asks for a month to respond to Brussels’ sanctioning file for breaching the Brexit pact


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