“Among them is a naked Russian woman who knocked on the door of a preacher’s room in a hotel.” Bin Bakheet tells a series of strange stories that preachers have been promoting in the Kingdom for the past 40 years

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Writer Abdullah bin Bakheet said: People in the Kingdom have begun to receive lessons at the hands of our esteemed preachers in mosques, schools, retirement homes, cemeteries, on screens and tapes, and in summer camps . A large crowd of teachers supported them by implanting these lessons in the students’ heads in parallel with the approved school lessons.

He added in an article he published in Okaz, titled “Expelling Superstitions from the Arabian Peninsula”: No one has escaped for forty years. These lessons have formed a cultural structure that transcends reason. It was filled with jinn, magic, grave monsters, and ancient legends.

The writer saw that in many cases it replaced reality, so social culture came closer to the culture of primitive man. The decline came that the mother bought the glass washer after every opportunity to drink from them and to drink her children.

naked woman

The writer referred to what one of the preachers was saying: “The preacher says: he was in a hotel outside the kingdom. He heard a knock on his room door and there was a naked Russian woman (you can imagine), so he walked in. in her room and covered her (before) and after a quarter of an hour from the invitation convinced her to convert to Islam, so she went in. Islam and her goodness in Islam, and when she went to Moscow, she became a preacher, even if her family is of Christian extremists ».

He pointed to what another preacher was reciting: Solomon asked his Lord to allow him to feed all his creatures in one day, and obviously the determination failed because the number of creatures on earth (six hundred!) Is one nation and the same in the sea ​​… until the end of the myth.

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Jinn prayer

He referred to what the preacher was saying: I was praying righteously, and when I said, “Not the lost,” I heard voices saying “Amen.” He found that the jinns were praying behind him. And he added: And the preacher tells us that one of them dropped his wallet in the grave, and when he came back and dug the grave, he saw the horrors suffered by the dead listening to the songs.

And he went on: A preacher asks an Israeli why he occupies Jerusalem, and you know the Muslims will free it; The Jew replies: Only those who pray in time will free him. And he went on: Another tells us that jinns eat rice, and a third teaches us the scientific methods of deciphering witchcraft, and has even established an integrated unit to hunt down sorcerers and decipher witchcraft with scientific methods. And another tells us that the jinns come from India to receive knowledge from the sheikhs. This is not throwing bullets into the ears of song lovers, and what our preachers have discovered in the graves are the least hideous of the brave, bald man’s abilities.

Promotion of superstitions

The writer explained that in the last forty years the content of the preachers’ discourse has evolved and crystallized into four axes; The first invokes violence and hatred, the second promotes superstitions, the third degrades women and the fourth fights the arts. It may seem that advocating for violence and degrading women is more important and more dangerous than promoting superstition, but with a little reflection you will see that promoting superstition is the incubator of all evil. A person cannot accept suicide, kill innocent people and despise those closest to him, without there being a flaw in his mind and way of thinking.

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Bin Bakhit believed that this culture was installed in the minds of many people as a way of thinking and shaped their view of their world. We will find among those who have heard these stories someone who is good at alchemy but has been brought into this world to live two lives; Her collective life and his private life.

songs with rhythms

The writer pointed out: Many of us remember the Saudi doctor, who started hearing the songs with the patient’s heartbeat. This doctor mixed in his mind what he had learned while studying at a reputable college with what he had heard from preachers, and we all know the woman who discovered that camel urine cures cancer, the owners of scientific miracles and legal sophists blowing on water tanks.

The writer concluded his article with his advice, saying: To bury terrorism, violence and contempt for women, and restore the value of the scientific mind, we must eradicate the culture planted by preachers by systematically transforming this superstitious culture into one. material artistic culture in plays, comedies and sketches, and banning the pursuit of witches and the work of the legitimate high-ranking.

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