Among restaurateurs, turnkey delivery offers are emulated

Fériel Ferrad, Jennifer Cayla – Foodjer.

Fériel Ferrad and Jennifer Cayla, both of whom spent almost three years at the Boston Consulting Group, created Foodjer, a foodtech dedicated to this market, which appears to be buoyant. ” We have carried out studies on the commercial catering market and more specifically on the meal delivery market. The indoor catering market, which had been stagnating since 2015, lost 50% of its activity during the covid and is now in a recovery phase, with annual growth of 8%. Conversely, the meal delivery market, with a turnover of 5 billion euros in 2021, has been growing by 20% per year for seven years. And the three-year projections are of the order of +18-20% per year“, assures Consultor Fériel Ferrad who saw the emergence of this niche market during his experience at the New York office of BCG between 2020 and 2022.

This form of franchise promises restaurateurs a way to bounce back from the health crisis by diversifying their business, reaching new consumer niches, and generating additional revenue. ” The restaurateurs only have to accept the orders and prepare the dishes which remain fairly simple to make. We take care of everything else: menus, recipe cards, the supply chain with suppliers, delivery platforms, technology partners, marketing, packagingWhat we bring to them as former consultants are three main areas: tech, operations and marketing, which were the basis of our missions at BCG.»

The entrepreneurs are now offering their first 100% virtual brand, Partner Burgers, and a first partner restaurant in Paris. For the moment, not very many of them in France have positioned themselves on this very recent market. Foodjer is however a direct competitor of Not So Dark, created a year ago, a company in which Raphaël Speich, a partner at McKinsey a few weeks ago, has just arrived as chief operating officer.(read here).

Fériel Ferrad and Jennifer Cayla, both of whom joined BCG as consultants in 2018 – Feriel Ferrad right out of HEC, Jennifer Cayla after graduating from CentraleSupélec (completed by an MBA from ESCP) – met on the benches of their preparatory school, and met from their school internships at BCG. Jennifer Cayla had left the firm in March 2021 to take the position of chief of staff of another start-up The Line (in the decoration sector) for a few months before devoting herself to the Foodjer project.

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