Amnat Charoen Broken Eggs Meet a woman with COVID from Rayong The first of the province, another 30 surveillance

Date: 30 Dec ’20newsSituation reportCOVID 19 Amnat Charoen Province That Mr. Thawewbut Pho Governor Amnat Charoen Provincial Public Health Office Earned that COVID-19 cases were detected from a 37-year-old woman living in Ban Non Kan. Sang Tho Noi Subdistrict, Hua Taphan District, Amnat Charoen Province A 37-year-old woman became ill on December 22, 2020 with a headache. Currently, he has been treated at Hua Taphan Hospital, Amnat Charoen

This patient has a history of exposure to the disease on 16-18 Dec ’20, living with a sister who has an illness in Chiang Mai.Rayong The duty is to raise children to patients. On 19 Dec ’20, the patient has a history of traveling to Tropez Beach Resort. Chanthaburi On 20-21 Dec ’20, the patient is at home, Raising grandchild. On 22 Dec ’20 at 1:00 pm, the patient has a headache. Therefore took paracetamol And traveled from Rayong back to his hometown at Ban Non Khan Sang Thong Tho Noi Subdistrict, Hua Taphan District, Amnat Charoen Province, with a private car with sister and younger sister in law (Staying at Rayong Hospital)

And on 23 Dec ’20 at home and party with relatives on 24 Dec ’20Coffee shopPa Dong Yai, Hua Taphan District, and came back to stay at home on December 25, 2020, stayed at home on December 26, 2020 in the afternoon, went to Pa Dong Yai Coffee Shop, Huataphan District in the evening to attend the event.marry Date 27-28 Dec ’20 Stayed at home with relatives on December 29, 2020 is a high-risk person. Because sister and brother-in-law Who traveled together back before the infection was detected after returning to Rayong Initially I had a cough, sore throat, mucus, phlegm, headache, congestion, and the nose didn’t smell. Therefore received a test for infection And the test results at 21.30 found that COVID-19 was detected and the Amnat Charoen Province disease investigation team conducted the disease examination on the morning of 30 Dec ’20 found that the number of high-risk family members 2 cases were tested for infection and the result was negative. But still have to continue treatment in the hospital

In addition, the Amnat Charoen Provincial Public Health Office will search for high-risk groups with direct contact with approximately 30 patients, who must remain at home for 14 days, in which if this group has cold symptoms, they will be tested for the infection and lay the hospital. Immediately, the people close to the group Considered a low-risk group Do not be confined But must refrain from going to the communityfoodTogether including washing hands and wearing a thick sanitary waste all the time

Mr. Thawebut Butpho, Governor of Amnat Charoen Province Added that Preliminary, the province has announced that those returning from the orange-red provinces to hurry to notify the village headman of the school for 14 days, if they come from other areas, they do not have to quarantine. Just have to keep an eye on the symptoms at present, Amnat Charoen Province There is an orange area in 1 sub-district, Sang Tho Noi subdistrict, while the market and the ordination ceremony. WeddingParties can also be organized. But strict measures must be followed and the number of people reduces the time of the event. Refrain from all kinds of entertainment And more importantly, have to ask for cooperation from brothers and sisters to strictly follow the measures announced by the province.



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