AMLO sends a letter to Pope Francis and highlights apologies to indigenous people- Uno TV

AMLO’s letter was received by Pope Francis. Photo: AFP

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a letter to Pope Francisco in which he reiterated that both the Catholic Church and the Mexican State must apologize to indigenous peoples that “they suffered the most disgraceful atrocities.”

“Both the Catholic Church, the Spanish Monarchy and the Mexican State must offer a public apology to the native peoples who suffered the most disgraceful atrocities to loot their property and lands and subdue them, from the Conquest in 1521 to the recent past”,

He refers to AMLO’s letter to Pope Francis.

The letter written by the head of the federal executive was personally delivered by the president’s wife, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, to the high pontiff where he also called to avoid acts of discrimination against the original groups.

“They deserve not only that generous attitude on our part but the sincere commitment that never, ever, acts disrespectful to their beliefs, cultures will be committed and, much less, they will be judged or marginalized for economic reasons or racism”,

continues the letter from AMLO

The missive, which AMLO shared through his official Twitter account Along with an image where Gutiérrez Müller is seen sitting in front of the highest representative of the Catholic Church, he points out that his wife’s trip is to obtain Codices that are part of the history of our country and that these can be exhibited next year in Mexico.

“Your Holiness, it would be a great pleasure for us if, as a loan for one year, with all the necessary care and legal and security procedures, the Vatican allows us to expose in Mexico, in 2021, the following codices: The Codex Borgia; the Vatican Codex Vat.lat3773 of the Nahuatl culture; Vatican Codex 3738 of the Toltec-Chinamec culture; and maps of Tenochtitlán ”,

AMLO’s letter to Pope Francis stands out.

Finally, the federal president said goodbye to the holy Father wishing to maintain the “good relations” that exist between the Mexican State and the Vatican.

“I say goodbye to you with the hope that we can maintain our good relations and wishing you to remain healthy and long-lived. It is not necessary to meet, but if one day the circumstances allow it again to endorse in my estimation and respect for his person ”,

AMLO’s letter to Pope Francis ended.

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