Amidst Chicago Bulls and Lakers game, NBA scandal unfolds as party with strippers is organized.

The parties of the NBA They usually have impressive shows to accompany the games in order to offer a unique experience for the spectators, but always with the aim of being familiar; However, in Chicago It seems that they have also tried the possibility of an adults-only show.

A group of fans forgot what was happening inside the court of the United Centerwhere they faced Chicago Bulls against los angeles lakers the night of last Tuesday, March 28, and had fun at their own private party in one of the VIP stages from the arena with a group of strippers who entertained the meeting.

The party of the NBA faded into the background for the spectators as a dancer was gradually stripped of her clothes before a hail of hundreds of bills that flew through the box, a few more dollars falling to the steps below and the neighbors of the suite were also able to enjoy the a spectacle that was experienced completely forgetting what was happening on the court.

And of course, the moment did not go unnoticed, everything being recorded by the protagonists of the party themselves and the curious who were nearby and witnessed the show, the rest of the work was done by the social networks that were in charge of viralizing the videos that were shared.

The crazy birthday party of a stripper

It was actually a birthday party for Jazzya stripper who rented the private box to celebrate her 32 years of life in the company of her friends and doing what she likes best: dancing and losing her clothes.

“We are family and friends. We have all been friends for over 10 years. When we’re together, we just have a good time,” Jazzy explained in an interview on Chicago’s Fox 32 channel. “The fans were raising their hands under us and catching money,” his friend added. Marcus who was in charge of organizing the party.


Jazzy the birthday girl

The woman celebrated 32 years of life

Strip party scandal in the NBA


The neighbors of the box

Some fans enjoyed the show

Strip party scandal in the NBA


Stripper party at NBA game

Center United pointed out that there will be sanctions



Chicago Bulls vs Los Angeles Lakers

The homeowners lost 121-110

The United Center condemned the party

But the stripper show was not to the liking of the United Center which issued a statement in this regard stating that the arena’s codes of conduct were violated.

“We are aware of the video of the game last night. This is a clear violation of our fan code of conduct and premium seating decorum. We do not condone this behavior and have taken appropriate steps to address the matter,” the United Center said.

And for those who completely forgot about the game, in the end the Lakers they were imposed by 121-110 to the Chicago Bulls.

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