Amid high wholesale electricity prices, ESB’s profits more than doubled last year.

The Energy Supply Board (ESB), the state-owned electricity company in Ireland, saw a significant increase in profits over the past year due to soaring wholesale electricity prices. The company announced that their profits more than doubled, highlighting the growing demand for energy in the country. As households and businesses continue to rely heavily on electricity, ESB’s financial growth reflects the emerging trends in the energy market. In this article, we will delve into the factors behind this impressive financial accomplishment and what it means for the future of the Irish energy sector.

ESB, the State energy group, has reported a significant rise in profits after tax, owing to higher wholesale electricity prices. ESB announced on Wednesday that its profits after tax and excluding exceptional items more than doubled to €649.3m in 2021, compared to €265.9m in 2020. Revenue also increased from €5.2bn to €7.6bn. Operating profit from its generating and trading arm rose by €590m to €774m last year. ESB is set to pay the Irish government a dividend of €327m, more than twice the €126m it paid last year. However, its supply division, including Electric Ireland, lost €109m due to factors including the company’s payment of a €50 winter credit to residential customers in the Republic of Ireland.

In conclusion, ESB’s exceptional performance last year is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering sustainable and affordable energy solutions. With energy prices reaching record highs, ESB’s focus on diversifying its business and investing in renewable energy sources has paid off. As the company continues to navigate an ever-changing energy landscape, we can expect ESB to remain at the forefront of the industry, driving innovation and delivering value to its customers and shareholders. With its strong financials and ambitious growth plans, the future looks bright for ESB and the energy sector at large.

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