Amici 22 Episode 7 Report Cards: Isobel, Magdalene, Matthias and Angelina Crowned, Cricca Eliminated

The report cards of the seventh episode of the evening of Amici 22 they crown Isobel, Magdalene, Matthias and Angelina. There is only one episode left for the final on Sunday 14 May. Who will win Amici 22? Meanwhile, the public and the competitors were forced to say goodbye to another protagonist, this time it was Cricca’s turn to leave the Canale 5 talent show. The singer from Romagna was eliminated from the April 29 episode of Amici 22. Here are the report cards, as always ironic, of the seventh episode of the evening of Amici 22.

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Cristiano Malgioglio: Spiderman vote. Only he knows how he manages to move with all that plastic on him. He doesn’t even shed a drop of sweat despite evidently those clothes keeping him as hot as the center of the earth. He’s a bit like Legolas from The Lord of the Rings: he wouldn’t even sweat covered in merino wool in a sauna. Cristiano, you are our superhero. I make a wish: I want a Malgioglino on the bedside table.

Magdalene: No doubt vote. Exactly like Gwen Stefani’s ex band. There are no doubts about her character and her skill, the only one left to have any is Alessandra Celentano. And we will also make a reason for it. She deserves the final, it’s useless to hide it.

Isobel: vote Binoculars. Like what Malgioglio uses to better enjoy his performances. It is magnetic, which is not obvious. On the contrary. Let’s do this, Isy: I hire you, so I don’t speak but you dance my sensations and emotions. You express everything so perfectly.

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Mattia: vote Olè. Beyond the rowdies that he brings to Cristiano Malgioglio, he must be recognized as having an overwhelming grit out of the ordinary. He’s gotten a lot better over the last few episodes and it shows. The road has been traced, he just has to follow it and he will become truly great.

Clique: Acerbo vote. His exclusion is painful, but inevitable at this point in the competition. He lacks some bite, the hope is that he will gain some grit and more importantly, find his own identity.

Aaron: Vote Radioactive Man. When the high note starts, which is always, it becomes fuchsia. If she learned to balance her voice and theatrics better, she could really fly. Also because he has stage presence. And over the course of the evening she became more and more incisive.

Wax: voto Maps. The essence is there. He simply has to find a road and walk it. Maybe with your own voice. Neffa was never Sinatra, but he found his own aptitude. In fact, she actually always had it. Wax instead climbs the tree like a new Mowgli, but the result is a sort of incomprehensible Misunderstood. Save the bear Baloo. The unpublished works are typically Wax and could also become summer hits. “The Seventies” for example could do well. He vents his anger against the criticisms of the press by inserting slashes on “Quelli che benpensano”, which is perfectly fine and it is also what many trappers and rappers usually do. So it’s in the mood. Now this feud, however, let’s end it and start making art again, right? Wax, I tell you from the heart: in your opinion, we journalists don’t get loads of insults with every comma we write? Even from guys like you, huh. Hey, give him a smile. Come on, let’s lighten up.

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Angelina: Orbit vote. Having said that it no longer makes sense to talk about his voice, given that it is not in the slightest question, I would focus attention on the interpretative intensity. Two words: my mom. She always gives off a bit of the notion that she doesn’t take compliments very seriously, maybe because she doesn’t quite believe in herself or maybe out of defense. But she deserves them all right. She’s the only one whose album I would hear without even seeing her on stage.

Listen to Carletto and the monsters on Canale 5 in prime time: vote Thank you for existing. The only time I appreciated the Rudy Zerbi-Alessandra Celentano massacre.

The umpteenth time Alessandra Celentano claims that only her students are good: vote Most boring and predictable of the 4735738374th season of The Walking Dead. Where “dead” is the attention of the public during Celentano’s outbursts. That said, the dance world knows. And she’s bored too.

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