Amici 20, Alessandra Celentano “massacres” Rosa: Lorella Cuccarini intervenes

In its twentieth year “Friends of Maria De Filippi“Changes skin. An even clearer transformation in the second episode of the Saturday afternoon. There are no more teams, singers and dancers have to fight individually to keep your desk, if the reference professor decides not to confirm his student, then the challenges will be triggered for possible entries of dancers and singers from outside. A simpler but at the same time effective mechanism that puts the protagonist of the talent back at the center, beyond the usual controversies and above all net of the fights between teams, which have often represented a “blanket of Linus”. The latter is a feature that has marked the latest editions. In short, a choice that for now seems to be winning. Much more space is given to the protagonist of the longest-running talent show on Italian TV and consequently it is already clearer who has what it takes to stay in school longer.

This is the case of the singer-songwriter Evandro who, thanks also to his soap and water face and a strong personality, takes the stage for a few minutes in the center of the stage and explains the meaning of the song “Right left” by Giorgio Gaber. There is also the dancer Samuele, reminiscent of Alessio Gaudino from the fifteenth edition in class and temperament. The guy who prepared a choreography on the narcolessia and explained the characteristics of the disease. Then there is the singer Arianna who, as told in the daytime broadcast on Italia Uno, stayed in bed all day, without going to class. In a story on Instagram Arianna explained that she did not wake up not out of laziness but because she was sick and both the production and the companions knew everything. This explains why it was neither taken back nor received disciplinary measures.

There is always tension between Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano. The former “most loved by Italians” in many points of the program took the stage by explaining, introducing and illustrating the meaning of some choreographies. A kind of co-management in disguise. Right to value the presenter also in the role of teacher. Celentano branded the dancer Rosa “more than mediocre”, Cuccarini invited her pupil to keep cool and to transform criticism into stimuli.

An important episode yesterday with the presence of two radios with Massimiliano Montefusco, general manager of RDS and the speaker of Radio Italia Daniela Cappelletti. The presence of the radio for a judgment on the unpublished not only serves to bring the very young closer to the medium (in times of streaming and playlist on Spotify), but also to ensure that the singers have an external yardstick on what goes on and off the radio. The first to present the unpublished were Sangiovanni with “Gucci bag”, Aka7even with “Yellow” and Raffaele with “The sun in the windows”. Although the latter is technically valid, it reminds in some ways Marco Mengoni, while the hip hop world of Aka7even and Sangiovanni is more interesting. The latter is the only one who has not convinced Montefusco 100%. It is safe to bet that, after the first round of “adjustment”, from next week the dances of alternating challenges will open, also to stir the waters in the classroom a bit

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