America’s Lake Drought, World War II Ships Come to the Surface

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Drought hit Lake Mead in Nevada, USA. The lowering of the water level was followed by the appearance of unusual objects, such as the ship of the Second World War.

Severe drought occurs in Lake Mead, the largest artificial lake in the United States. The lake, which is a reservoir of water for 25 million Nevada residents, is shrinking its water level, making the lake bottom little by little exposed to the surface.

One of the most recent discoveries at Lake Mead is a ship that was used during the Second World War. The ship is known as the Higgins Craft. When found, the ship was still in complete condition with its protective plate.



“The National Park Services (NPS) suspect that the World War II ship was used in this lake for several reasons, before finally sinking at the bottom of the lake,” said the NPS, as quoted by the NPS. CNN, Wednesday (13/7/2022).

“Whether the ship sank due to an accident or was deliberately sunk is still unclear,” the NPS added.

The historic ship turned out to have been modified. The engine part has been removed and modified into an open area between the two machine guns positioned in the center of the ship.

Higgins Craft can be used to transport people and vehicles used for war. This ship ceased production after 1945.

Meanwhile, Lake Mead continues to decrease in water levels. The lowest point in Lake Mead is about 317.6 meters above sea level. The point is 7.2 meters lower than last year’s altitude, even 13.4 meters lower than the height recorded in 2020.

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“Every day, a record water drop has occurred in this lake, since the lake was first filled in 1937 after the Hoover Dam was completed,” said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller.

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