America’s Got Talent – Extreme: a candidate nears death, production suspended!

Jonathan Goodwin came close to death on Thursday repeating the impressive number he planned to perform in America’s Got Talent – Extrême (a spin-off ofAmerica’s Got Talent). This escape specialist nicknamed The Daredevil (” the daredevil »), And known for his spectacular performances, was suspended by the feet about twenty meters above the ground between two cars oscillating back and forth. Tied in a straitjacket, he had to free himself from it and then detach himself to drop onto a mattress before the increasingly swaying vehicles hit him.

But all did not go as planned as the cars collided with each other causing an explosion, while he was still tied up in the air. Sandwiched between the two vehicles, the stuntman then fell to the ground head first. Unconscious after his fall, he finally regained consciousness when he was transported to hospital by plane. No information has yet been given on the amplitude of the injuries or on the current state of health of the stuntman who was operated on and then admitted to trauma.

« Our thoughts and prayers are on him and his family and we await news of his condition. “Said a spokesperson for the show shortly after the accident which traumatized the team on set. Some believed, seeing him without reaction after his fall, that he had died during the incident, images of which were unveiled by TMZ.

Faced with the shock and dread caused by this tragedy, the producers decided to pause the shooting. ” To focus on the well-being of the crew, we will be temporarily halting production on America’s Got Talent – Extreme and we will finish the final days of filming at a later date. The health and safety of our cast and team continues to be our priority. “, Added the representative of the show according to remarks taken in particular by TV Line.

Clara Kolodny



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