America’s Cup: Sunday’s regattas were canceled due to lack of wind

Italians and New Zealanders are still tied (3-3) after the cancellation of Sunday’s regattas due to lack of wind. It is announced more sustained from Monday in Auckland Bay.

PTo move forward, we need wind in the sails. And there weren’t enough of them on Sunday in Auckland Bay. So, after more than an hour of waiting, Luna Rossa and Te Rehutai (the name given to the Team New-Zealand boat) returned to Auckland harbor to the chagrin of the occupants of the hundreds of boats (around 1,300) scattered around. in the bay, and thousands of spectators (48,000!) gathered at the port in front of the giant screens.

“No wind, no race”

“No wind, no race”, announced the race management after a good hour of waiting. It takes a minimum of 6.5 knots to launch competitions, and this has never been the case on a sustained basis. The day before, the 5th and 6th regattas were contested by light winds (7 to 8 knots, with gusts of 10). As in previous games, the competitors in this 36th America’s Cup took the opportunity to each win a round.

Still tied (3-3), they will resume their standoff on Monday, while the organizers have announced winds of 10-15 knots for the next few days. Anyway, the winner of this 36th edition will not be known until Tuesday at best, since the first of the two boats to glean 7 victories will win. Two regattas are contested each day.



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